November is National Adoption Month!

A time to celebrate the children and families already touched by adoption,
it's also a time to rally efforts to help find permanent,
loving homes for the many more children awaiting adoption.

What a wonderful month to learn more and begin your own adoption journey!
Please join us for the entire month of November
as we feature families brought together through adoption!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November has come to a close...

but that doesn't mean our job is finished!

First, thank you to all the families who participated in this blog and the video, and for sharing your stories, your pictures, and your families with all of us to help spread the word and be an advocate for adoption!

If we only encouraged one family to find a way to help orphans, or begin their own adoption journey, then we have done our job!

With over 3500 views, our video reached thousands, and I have received many messages from those touched by adoption or those whos hearts have been opened to seek out what it is they can do to help the millions of orphans around the world.

While we celebrated adoption this month, let us continue to be mindful of the millions of children around the world still waiting for their forever families and do all we can to continue to spread the word, be the voice for those who cannot be heard, and let's make it one less...

My sister and I, adopted in 1982 from South Korea

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today's Featured Child #1: Noah

Noah, 2 years old, adopted from South Korea!

Today's Featured Children #2: Asher and Emi

Hello… thanks for taking the time to read a little about our family.
We are the Snyder Family of Ohio. Our journey started almost 16 years ago when a mom and a child met and joined the dad in TN. Little did we know then the journey we were on! We never planned to have a large family, but the best laid plans are not always the things that happen. We are now working to bring home number 5!

We have been on a journey to add to our family since 2002 when I (mom) decided we needed one more. I knew we could love one more child and make one less orphan in the world. It took dad about 6 years to agree! Once he did we added a beautiful little boy to our family. He was a waiting child in So. Korea with some special needs. NOW… He is a happy, healthy, fun loving ball of energy and our son.

After Asher came home in April 2009 we felt complete. That was until we started seeing pictures of a little girl who really needed a family. She had been waiting for a couple years. Her needs we so great that not many people would want her. BUT you know what… we want her. We were told she would need life long care. We were told there were other healthier children waiting. We were told to reconsider. We couldn’t… she was our daughter and we WANT HER. Now we are waiting for her to come home from Korea. She is now 3 years old and a beautiful little angel. We cannot wait to meet her face to face. We expect her to be here in February of 2011.

What a journey of faith each of our children have been. We have been blessed by so many. My life is over flowing in gratefulness to all my new friends that have been praying for us.

You can read more of our story at our blog.

(Asher and Emi were previously featured this month, but we wanted to share more of their family's story!)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Today's Featured Children #1: Calen and KatieJoy

Calen, 3 years old and KatieJoy, 18 months old, both adopted from South Korea and seen here with their parents!

Today's Featured Child #2: Grace

Grace, 2 years old, adopted from South Korea, seen here with her beautiful family!