November is National Adoption Month!

A time to celebrate the children and families already touched by adoption,
it's also a time to rally efforts to help find permanent,
loving homes for the many more children awaiting adoption.

What a wonderful month to learn more and begin your own adoption journey!
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today's Featured Child: Annalee

Saturday, September 5, 2009
What is Mission for Annalee?

If you are reading this post you are one of the very special people in our lives that we have chosen to share some very good news with and request that you partner with us in prayer! So, what is mission for Annalee? Who is Annalee? We have been praying and preparing for quite a while for the time when we would receive the peace in our hearts to proceed in adding another member to our family. Right now we do not have a picture of Annalee and actually we do not even know if she has been born yet. Annalee is the name of the little girl that we are praying to add to our family through adoption. This is a giant step for our family, but we know God is faithful to fulfill His promises and the calling on our lives. Please pray for and with us as we begin the application process to apply to the Korea program. Pray for the little girl that God is creating especially for our family. Also, please pray for all of those who will be involved in Annalee's care and in processing the adoption. We thank you for your love, prayers and support! Nate, Ellen, Ethan & Isaiah

We landed in Louisville, KY from Seoul exactly two weeks ago at midnight! Our little girl is adjusting so wonderfully and is just amazing. I think the hardest adjustment has been for our almost four year old, who loves his sister so much, but is really missing the Prime spot on Mommy's lap! We have had sleepless nights, but after week her clock set to US time, and a few bouts of just breaks my heart...but the tears produced are cleansing to my soul and help us process this amazing change in our lives!

This journey has expanded our family to a world of friends and families that are touched by adoption. Today a friend came to meet our Annalee, she is in process to adopt a son from Korea. I received a call later in the afternoon...when she arrived home a referral call/email were waiting for her and she thought to call me to allow me to celebrate with her. Another friend is waiting for her daughter to come home...our girls share the same birthday and we were on very close timelines...she has been a wonderful encouragement and friend...we have never met in person, but our emails and our daughters have created a wonderful friendship. We began adoption to expand our family by one, not knowing our hearts and lives would receive one wonderful daughter and an adoption family that is out of this world!

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