November is National Adoption Month!

A time to celebrate the children and families already touched by adoption,
it's also a time to rally efforts to help find permanent,
loving homes for the many more children awaiting adoption.

What a wonderful month to learn more and begin your own adoption journey!
Please join us for the entire month of November
as we feature families brought together through adoption!


Monday, November 1, 2010


My name is Kim and I was adopted from South Korea as an infant in 1982.

I created this blog and video in an effort to be a voice for the millions of children around the world waiting for their forever families.

If you only walk away today with an open heart, then I have met my goal.

Abandoned outside at orphanage at five weeks old, adoption has certainly changed the course of my life.

But my love and appreciation for the families, social workers, agencies, orphanages, foster families and care givers, started when I became an adoptive parent myself.

I knew, as well as my husband, that adoption was definitely something that would be a part of our lives, as it already was in mine.

We brought our daughter, Zoey Seon-Mi, now 2, home from South Korea in April of 2009 and she became the fourth member of our growing family.

We knew this little girl belonged with us!

She joined our family at nine months of age, and while her transition to her new life has not always been easy, it has definitely been worth it.

We are grateful beyond words to the staff at Holt International USA and Holt Korea, her two wonderful foster families, the fantastic medical staff, and most of all, to her birthmother, who ultimately made her ours.

I see the miracle of adoption every day of my life and have grown so much these last years emotionally as a now adult adoptee along this incredible journey.

For me, adoption has brought me two loving parents, three wonderful siblings, an amazing husband and two beautiful children.

Without adoption, my life would have turned out very differently.

That tiny infant found at the gate of an orphanage has found her place in life and I will continue to do all I can to advocate for the millions of orphans around the world until they find their forever families.

To read more about our family as we continue our journey in life, visit our blog by clicking HERE.

Watch our adoption journey below.

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